Project Management

StepChange provides project management services across all technologies with a prime capability on enterprise application implementations such as ERP solutions, especially SAP based solutions.

We also have extensive experience in project management of other major vendors’ products, such as Microsoft and Oracle and for bespoke/custom development projects.

Our outstanding reputation for project implementations, especially around SAP and similar enterprise-wide business transformation type projects are renown. We use proven processes, methods, and tools to underpin our project implementation approach embedded with robust project quality assurance, strong stakeholder, change management and testing strategy built in from the outset.

StepChange has been engaged both directly by end user customers and through major vendors and system integrators to recover projects that have got into difficulty. Whilst these projects have varied in size, all have been business critical projects.

Project Recovery – Case History 1

This enterprise asset management project was at a stalemate. The project requirements design phase was at an impasse with scope, methodology and resourcing issues.

The systems integrator (SI) had previously done some presentations together with StepChange and was aware of our background in project turnarounds through those earlier alliances. With encouragement from the ERP vendor, StepChange was engaged by the SI to provide additional key resources to assess and subsequently fill key roles in recovering the project.


Initial activities included:

  • re-building relationships
  • establishing methodology and deliverable quality guidelines
  • re-building the project team with quality individuals.
  • building a plan for success



The project was successfully brought back on schedule and fully transitioned back to the Independent Software Vendor.

StepChange consultants have delivered strategic business and planning services for many years to assist clients. Our team are proficient in the use of leading business process mapping tools.


Corporate Governance

StepChange provides corporate governance services focused on projects.

StepChange Enterprise Project Governance provides a framework which includes a governing body, guiding principles and standard project compliance methods. Project Governance ensures projects are prioritized, resourced, aligned, and provide optimal value to strategic business priorities and investment strategies.

The purpose is to empower organisations to determine the logical mix and sequencing of proposed programs and projects to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. Project Governance also ensures projects are managed in a controlled, consistent, and quality-driven manner.

We have used this very successfully as the starting point when called in to help recover projects that are in trouble.