Business Improvement

Driving continuous process improvement becomes a necessary part of business culture in order to remain agile and competitive. StepChange help our customers do things better and wiser. We build value based relationships with our clients providing business expertise in business process optimisation and continuous improvement consulting. Our resource services and team approach include:


  • Facilitation of Business Readiness assessments as organisations prepare for changes in business direction, adoption of new operations and integration of newly acquired businesses.
  • Assessment of information requirements against best practices and industry benchmarks
  • Business process mapping, process flowcharting and alignment, impact analysis and strategy/policy development
  • Process alignment with enterprise business support systems standard functionality, such as SAP
  • Business enablement needs resulting from process change initiatives, including training needs analysis and strategic communications plan
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Impact analysis
  • Role/organisational redesign requirements
  • Organisational change management
  • Documentation Standards

In addition to common process mapping and flowcharting methods, StepChange consultants are experienced with many tools and techniques as well as formal methodologies to achieve the highest standard of improvement.

Our collaborative style and team structure means that we will assimilate with what your organisation’s standards/preferred choice is or recommend tools and methods that we believe will produce the best outcomes for your organisation. We will ensure that we bring together the appropriate team with the optimum fit of relevant experience and skills for your organisation.