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CryspIQ** is a universal data repository product that rethinks data preparation and accumulation, delivering reporting and analytics-ready data to the business user via a constant data structure.


Meuus has been many years in the making. It is driven by the desire of Bev and Janice to make a difference in a change environment by looking at the entire impact of change on an organisation.

SAP Partner

StepChange was originally formed in September 2003 from an outstanding group of SAP professionals and business consultants. We have flourished as a winning team and have achieved SAP Partner status.


TOKN is enterprise software that frees your business to manage workflows and create apps the way you want.Businesses in any industry can go mobile with better managed systems.
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StepChange professional services in project management, business analysis, technical software solution design and delivery has proven instrumental in the success of our data science, automation and optimisation projects historically and currently.


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