Everything’s bigger in the Internet of Things. Well, not the devices themselves — those are commonly small enough to hold just a couple of chips and are frequently hidden out of sight and out of mind. But the sheer scale of data and devices in the IoT is a headache for any cybersecurity professional.

Widely cited estimates put current IoT data output at 2.5 quintillion bytes daily, which will grow as the IoT encompasses up to 30 billion devices within the next two years. “With so many devices coming out and the IoT being so new to everybody, it’s difficult for most organizations, especially smaller ones,” says Troy La Huis, digital risk leader at the accounting, consulting and technology firm Crowe.

As the scale grows, so do the risks. Take a look at seven of the most significant cybersecurity threats the IoT poses today, and read on to find out how cybersecurity leaders and advisers can stay ahead of the challenges.

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